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What are CultureTrax cell culture daily actions and what information can they contain

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Daily Actions

By clicking on the Navigator for a specific Culture Track and day, you are taken to the Daily Actions screen, which lets you quickly set up and record even the most complex sets of Actions on specific Vessels and Wells. The Actions planned for each day of the Protocol are available by default. If needed, however, you can run any Action from your Protocol on any day, or even create custom Actions on the spot. On the other hand, when you just need to feed the cells in multiple Culture Tracks, you can record your work with just a few clicks.

Daily Actions screen

Each Action has a list of required Materials, with preset fields to record the specific batches or lots used. Action details also can include a written method, reference Documents, and places to record observations and analytical results (including links to large data files), all automatically connected to the Action as part of the culture history.

Action details screen

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