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Your CultureTrax cell culture Material and Document libraries and how they are organized

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Your lab’s resources

CultureTrax provides a solution for several problems faced by most lab groups – how to fully document critical protocols and recipes, keep them all up to date, and ensure everyone is using the most current version. The Libraries for Materials, Documents and Protocol Templates provide a centralized repository for these key resources. Recipes and Protocol Templates can be saved as drafts, kept personal while being created and refined, then added to the lab group Library when they are ready for broader use. The structured framework for these resources makes it easy to capture all the important details but provide a great deal of flexibility to meet your specific needs. Library resources can be copied and edited at any time to keep them up to date as you make new discoveries. Unlike static documents, CultureTrax Materials and Protocol Templates are built to guide you and your colleagues to accurately plan, execute and document your work in the lab.

Materials & Documents

Critical Materials, including both single ingredients and complex recipes, are the lifeblood of stem cell science. CultureTrax has a feature-rich set of tools for comprehensively documenting Materials, which can be used as part of Actions or Vessels, and even as Ingredients for other Materials. Materials, both recipes and single ingredients, can also be turned into Material Lots, instances of the material, which contain lot specific information that can be associated either with other materials, in the form of recipes, or with actions. Also, specific PDF Documents (including anything from published papers to manufacturer’s operating instructions) can also be placed in the Library and used throughout the application to provide a one-click instant reference.

Recipe Material screen

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