Protocol Templates

What's is a CultureTrax Cell Culture Protocol Template

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Protocol Templates

Protocol Templates are created by setting up specific Actions which incorporate Materials, method descriptions, reference Documents and other details needed to guide accurate execution in the lab. Each Action has a selected type, corresponding to a common cell culture or analysis procedure such as Thaw, Feed, Passage, Cryopreserve, Endpoint Assay, etc. Selecting the type adds required data fields and enables the software to automatically create the necessary data links and handle Vessel and Well transitions when the Action is recorded for a given day in a specific Culture Track.

The Actions are placed on a timeline (which can be weeks or even months long if needed), providing guidance as to which Actions are needed on specific days in the Protocol. When you first start a new Culture Track, you select a Protocol Template from the Library and the Actions, timeline and all the other information is loaded from the Template into the Culture Track as its Protocol.

Action timeline of a Protocol

Protocol Templates can be copied and edited, securely shared with other lab groups who use CultureTrax, and can be converted to a Zip file containing a Word document with all the details included, along with copies of all the reference Documents.

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