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Recording Data Realtime with CultureTrax
Recording Data Realtime with CultureTrax

How to set up the ability to access CultureTrax at the BSC

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CultureTrax is a SaaS platform and can be accessed by any large tablet device that supports a web browser, like an iPad. We've tested CultureTrax on an iPad on both Firefox and Chrome browsers and, when viewed in landscape mode, it has all of the access and functionality you get on a laptop/desktop system, with the added bonus of being able to enter data at the biosafety cabinet. Here are the items you would need to mount and secure one iPad to a biosafety cabinet;

Optional stand for lab bench/tabletop usage

Note: Include the iPad part number information with every order. 5 Gen iPad part number is an alpha numeric, (example for a 32 gb silver 5th gen iPad wi-fi is A1822), 5 digit identifier located at the bottom back of the iPad under the โ€˜iPadโ€ logo. Ensure that Tether Tools has this number so that the correct X lock case is ordered.

The mounting arm and holder system consists of a tablet holder, articulating arm, and a clamp for attaching the system to a bio-safety cabinet, (BSC). Below is one end of the articulating arm and the X lock connector. The end of the arm slides into the X lock connector, taking care to ensure that the flat lines up with the thumbscrew

TetherTools iPad holder and mounting arm

Next, connect the articulating arm to the BSC clamp. First, open the thumbscrew so that none of the threads are visible inside the clamp. Then depress the silver button, line up the flat of the mounting arm with the thumbscrew and insert into the clamp. Tighten the thumbscrew

Remove the flat angle adaptor from the clamp (you will likely not need it when mounting to the BSC)

You can now mount the arm to the BSC either on a leg,

or on an outside edge.

The configuration of the arm can be adjusted by loosening the center tensioning knob

The iPad can then be inserted into the X mount Wallee case,

And then locked into place.

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