Modifying an Existing Protocol Template

How to modify/copy an existing protocol template to create multiple new copies to populate your protocol template library

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Protocol templates can be as complex as you choose to make them, with the structure to record everything that touches the cells, every assay, both live and end point, to characterize them, but this depth of detail takes a great deal of time, effort, and thought to create. Creating one from scratch every time a new one is needed can be a real hassle, so we've made it possible to copy an existing template that can be modified to fit any experimental design. Need to set up a multivariate experiment to look at drug toxicology, a dosing experiment for a drug discovery screen, or look at new growth factors in the media of a clean meat culture? Simply copy an existing template, make the necessary edits/additions then save it with a new, descriptive name.

The copy function can be accessed when editing a template or from the protocol template library by clicking the 'Copy' button. The platform opens up the template name field so that it can be saved with a unique identifier, and defaults it to your personal library. Actions can be added or edited, timing changed, and documents added or removed.

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