Adding and managing lab members

Learn how to add and manage lab member accounts

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Adding new lab members and managing their access to your lab account is a quick process.  You must be designated as the PI/Director or Administrator for your lab's account to add or manage members. See the steps below for details.

Add New Member 

In the Dashboard', click on 'Manage my lab group'

Click 'Add member'

Member Properties
In the 'Member Properties' section you can add the new member's First Name and Last Name in the corresponding fields.  Enter their work or institutional email address. The system will automatically look up the new member's email to make sure they are not already a CultureTrax user.

Member Role
There are four different options for CultureTrax member roles: PI/Director Administrator, Contributor, and User.   You can designate the role of a new member from the drop-down box. (Note: The PI/Director role has the ability to view and change the culture track of any member of the lab without being named as a collaborator.)

When you have completed the Member Properties section, click 'Create member and send email'.  The new member will receive an email from CultureTrax with instructions to set up their password and three letter ID for their account.

Edit Member
To change a member's name, email address, or role click 'EDIT' next on the right of the member's name card from the Manage my lab group page.

Deactivate a Member
7.  You may also 'deactivate' a lab member (for example: if they leave the lab or no longer work on cell culture) so that you can add a new member to your account subscription. Click in the box next to 'Active' to deselect the checkmark and deactivate a member.

8.  Once you 'Save Changes' any edits to Member Properties will be saved and, if they have been deactivated, lab members will no longer be able to access their account.  Data for deactivated members will remain stored in CultureTrax and may be retrieved by activating the account.

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