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Learn to upload and classify resource documents for your lab

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Gather all of your lab documents, cell culture protocols, MSDS, assay protocols, etc into one folder and save them as PDFs. CultureTrax only allows PDFs to be uploaded to the document library.

  1. Upload documents to CultureTrax.

    1. Select 'Documents' and then click on 'Choose files to upload (pdf only), (not shown), navigate to the folder and select as many as you like. The platform will walk you through adding each document in turn.

    2. Give it a display name. (This isn't required. If it's left blank the platform defaults to the file name.

    3. Choose which collection, Personal or Lab, to put it in. (Required)

    4. What type of document is it? The platform contains high level groupings, Material, Culture Protocol, Analysis Protocol, etc., with sub groupings. Select the most appropriate. (Required)

    5. Use the text fields to add any pertinent information you choose.

    That's it. Your CultureTrax library is now complete!

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