If you would like to continue using your current URL then you will need to simply update the IP address for your current A record on your DNS to the following IP address.

WARNING: If you choose to just update the IP address then any/all previous events with that URL from your PixBooth 2 events will NO LONGER BE VALID.


Step 1: Login to my.curatorlive.com

Step 2: Click on the Tools Tab

Step 3: Scroll to your current URL and click on EDIT

Step 4: Edit the URL to whatever new address you want.

EX. Previous URL pic.yourwebsite.com -->. New URL mypic.yourwebsite.com

Step 5: Click on the Edit URL button to save your update

Step 6: Access your website's DNS and ADD a NEW A Record that points to the following IP Address

WARNING: Do NOT adjust your old A Record either on the old site(app.curatorlive.com) OR on your sites DNS... leave everything AS IS so all old event links from your previous PixBooth2 events stay valid

If you have any trouble with this and need our help, please schedule a call with us at the following link. https://calendly.com/curatorlive/url-set-up-help

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