CyberAlpha has partnered with the Let's Encrypt initiative to provide free SSL certificates/HTTPS to all its customers.

For you to set up SSL/HTTPS for your domain you need to have enabled the CyberAlpha Web Application Firewall (WAF) either during the 'Add Domain' set up stage or afterwards by going to 'Settings' and then 'WAF and SSL/HTTPS' for your domain. 

There are 3 scenarios for setting up your SSL certificate with your CyberAlpha subscription:

1. You don't have an SSL certificate:

Please install your free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate please by selecting 'I want to use my free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate' in the 'Add Domain' page:

2. You already have a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate:

If you already have a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate from your hosting provider you will need uninstall it and install Let's Encrypt from CyberAlpha. This is because it's not possible to retrieve the SSL certificates files (.key and .cert files) from these free SSL certificates. Once you've disabled your existing certificate please wait at least 1 hour before enabling the CyberAlpha Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. The SSL in your hosting control panel and select our free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. 

3. You have a paid SSL certificate (for example Comodo, Digicert etc):

If you already have an SSL certificate you will need uninstall it from you domain. After uninstalling it you will need to upload the SSL certificate details into our system. To do this you will need to retrieve the .key (private server key) and .cert (certificate key) files for your SSL certificate. You can find these files in the control panel of your SSL provider or hosting provider.  

Here are instructions from several hosting companies on how to uninstall your SSL certificate:



Usually, for cPanel users, the certificate files are saved in the "SSL/TLS" item (Security box) -> Certificates (CRT) AND Private Keys (KEY) options. You can also find them using the "File Manager" item (Files box), under "ssl" folder of the left list menu.

If you don’t know how to find the SSL certificate and private key details, please contact your hosting provider so they can provide this information.

Once you have obtained your SSL .key and .cert files, please follow these steps to upload them into our system:

image of  selecting

image of uploading 

image of success

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us via email at or via live chat on our website:

Thank you for using CyberAlpha!

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