With the new release (27) you will have the possibility to use the new feature "Groups".

The group feature allows you to control which users have permission to create, publish and read news articles.

The groups are created by system administrators and can only be managed by them.

The individual groups can be assigned group administrators who can manage the respective group. However, the group administrators do not have access to other groups.

What is new?

  • A news article is assigned to a specific group
  • In each Condense Subscription there is a standard group "Everyone", in which everyone is authorized.
  • Users in certain roles are assigned to a group

    Can read articles that belong to the group
    Authors: Can create articles in this group
    Editors: Can publish articles in this group
    Administrators: Can administrate the group, i.e. rename, delete, edit users
  • In the consumer view, the user is then only shown articles where they have authorization. This means that the user has a role in the same group in which the article was published.
  • Channels and keywords can be assigned to a group by default. This means that they are automatically filled in when a new article is created.

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