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DACK Outdoors' Shipping Timeline
DACK Outdoors' Shipping Timeline
Written by Carsley C.
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First and foremost, THANK YOU for your interest in shopping with or continuing to support us here at DACK Outdoors. For those that aren't familiar with us, we are a small, family-owned & operated business based in rural Northwest Missouri.

Our near wholesale prices and a very volatile political climate has caused a surge in orders that went beyond our wildest expectations. Unfortunately, this has led to delays in shipping. In some cases, orders can take up to 30 days to ship. The vast majority of our customers are familiar with us and the situation, and are willing to accept a slower shipping speed for our incredible prices.

With that said, if you need an item right away, we regret to say we may not be the best fit for you at this time. We truly hope we can serve you in the future. Our customers enjoy incredibly low prices and are okay with waiting longer than what the big box stores ship because of the incredible deals and personalized customer support they get with us.

If you have any questions about an order that you've already placed or are wanting to place and need additional support, our friendly customer support staff is eager to assist you.

An Open Letter From The Owners:

To our valued customers,

The mission of DACK Outdoors is to give shooting sports enthusiasts & outdoor recreation consumers access to the gear they love at prices that cannot be beat while not losing sight of personalized customer support.

When we say family-operated, we mean it. Every major aspect of DACK is managed by ourselves and/or another close family member.

Who are we? We are shooters. We are hunters and fishers. We all grew up on farms and we're defenders of the 2nd Amendment. We're not a big box store and we're not bound by shareholder wishes. We don't outsource our customer support to people who have no idea what a lower parts kit is.

We offer even more discounts to our Military & Law Enforcement customers. We donate to our local schools and communities. We say this not to brag but to let you know that we're like you. We have a passion for all things outdoors and simply want to give you affordable access to products that encourage you to get outside.

As we continue to grow, we will not lose sight of our main priority: our customers. We are working as quickly as possible while striving to maintain the highest possible customer service.

Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you!

God Bless,

โ€‹Carsley & Katie Crabtree, Owners

DACK Outdoors

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