Who? Super Admins
Where? Click 'Permissions' on the side menu

Permissions manage what people can see and do in Dacreed. 

Company permissions

There are 4 different roles. Everyone in your company who uses TeamsPlus has a role. Their role controls their access rights to your company's information on TeamsPlus, including other people's personal information. 

Role types

Super Admin: Has full access to everything on TeamsPlus, including everyone's sensitive HR information. They can assign permissions. Only one or two people should have this role.

Content Admin: Can create and manage courses but they do not have access to sensitive HR information. They can also view the Reports feature.

HR Admin: Has full access to the people and company pages (including other people's sensitive HR information) but they cannot manage courses or view Reports.

Member: Has access to their own personal details and courses, and limited access to other people’s information.

Line managers: Can access and edit their direct report’s HR information, not including offboarding. To add a line manager, the SuperAdmin or HR Admin can go to the manager's profile page, then add their direct reports.

Managing permissions

  1. For the relevant role click 'Manage permission'.

  2. This shows who has that role.

  3. To remove a person from that role click the X beside their name. In the pop-up box, select their new permission role and click 'Confirm'. 

  4. To add a person click 'Give someone this role'. Enter their name in the pop-up box and click 'Confirm'. 

  5. You can manage the other roles by clicking the relevant role tab across the top. 

Support permissions

  1. Click the 'Support permissions' tab at the top.

  2. Toggle on/off to enable support permission to access your company dashboard.

The table below details the actions that each role can do.

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