Who? Super Admins, HR Admins
Where? Click 'Our People' in the side menu

Your company People directory stores and manages your employees' details and documents.

Employee details 

  1. Click on an employee name or type it in the search bar.  

  2. Click on their Profile tab in the left menu. This contains their personal details.

  3. In the Profile tab, click on the relevant text to add, change or delete information. Note that sensitive information is only visible to people in your company with Super Admin, HR Admin permission, or a Line Manager.

  4. Navigate to other tabs using the left menu (e.g. click 'Employment'). To make changes, click the relevant buttons.

  5. To exit the tabs click 'Back' in the top left.

Employee documents

  1. Click on an employee name or type it in the search bar.   

  2. Click on their Documents tab in the left menu.

  3. Add a document by clicking 'Add document', or click an icon in the document list. 

  4. To change an existing document click the 3 dots on the right. Select 'Rename' or 'Replace' or 'Delete'.

Employee performance reviews, appreciations and feedback

  1. Click on an employee name or type it in the search bar.

  2. Click on the relevant tabs in the left menu:

  • Reviews

  • Appreciations

  • Feedback

For further guidance on managing performance reviews see Creating performance reviews.

History log

The objective of the History log is to allow the Learner/User or Admin to view a history of all of an individual’s actions and notifications that have taken place on the TeamsPlus platform.

  1. From your Dashboard, Select 'Our People', and click on an employee card.

  2. Select 'History' on the left side navigation.

The employee's History log will appear on the screen.

  • Filters can be used to view actions based on ‘Completed courses’ and ‘Records of Achievement’.

  • The log can be downloaded in .csv format to your computer by clicking on the circled button 'Export CSV'.

Click on the DETAILS line of the event to see more information in full format.

CPD Report

The CPD Report page allows Learners/Users to view information about their CPD courses both internal and external of the TeamsPlus platform.

To learn more about this feature visit the following article: https://intercom.help/dacreed/en/articles/5386806-learner-views-adds-cpd-hours

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