Who? Super Admins, HR Admins, Content Admins
Where? Click 'People' or 'Add a person' in the side navigation bar

Get everyone on board to streamline your company's HR admin and automate their online training.

Once you have added your team member, find out more about adding them to the CPD features by clicking on this link https://intercom.help/dacreed/en/articles/5608353-adding-new-staff-to-teamsplus

Add a person 

  1. Click on the navigation - 'Manage People'

  2. Click 'Add person' in the top left corner.

  3. Input their first and last names.

  4. Add their email. 

  5. Select their permission access rights - find out more about this feature: https://intercom.help/dacreed/en/articles/3102882-permissions-and-access-rights.

  6. Select their training group/s. If you prefer, you can allow the person to self-select their training group/s.

  7. Select their Manager.

  8. To send the invite now, click 'Send email invite now so that they can log-in straight away.' Or you can leave this box unchecked and invite them later. 

  9. Add an optional message.

  10. Click 'Add person'.

View unsent invites or invites not yet accepted

  1. Click 'Manage People' in the side navigation bar.

  2. Use the 'Status' filter to check each members status.

View and filter by 'status'

  • Pending : administrator has created member, but hasn't sent out an invitation to an email yet (no user)

  • Invited : transition from Pending after an administrator has sent the invitation to an email (still no user)

  • Active : invitation has been accepted and member is linked to real user

  • Inactive : Member has been offboarded. e.g. transitioned from Active

Send unsent invites or resend invites not yet accepted

Click 'Manage People' in the side navigation bar.

  1. Select 'Status' Pending

  2. Click on three dots (...) to the right of the person's name.

  3. Click on 'Send Invite'.

  4. If the Member has been invited but not yet registered, select 'Invited' status and 'Send Reminder'.

4. In the pop-up invitation, check their details, add optional message, and click 'Send'. 

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