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Where? Click 'People' in the side menu

When a person leaves your company (e.g. resigns) you can remove them from the TeamsPlus platform. 'Offboarding' them removes them from your People directory and archives their records and data.  

The employee's offboarding date can be set in TeamsPlus in advance. On that date they will lose access to their TeamsPlus account.

Offboarding employees

  1. On the Manage People page, type in the employee's name in the search bar.  

  2. Click on the 3 dots to the right of their name and then select 'Offboard'.

  3. Enter their leaving date (date they lose access to their TeamsPlus account), the reason for leaving, any notes, and click 'Confirm'.

  4. Their offboarding details are now displayed. To make any changes click 'Edit card'. You can add a return date if applicable; their TeamsPlus account access will reactivate on that date. Supporting documentation ie resignation letter may also be uploaded.

  5. Once offboarding is set up, click 'Exit profile' to return to the People page and main menu.

  6. On the date that offboarding takes effect, the person's records will be archived. See the steps below on accessing archived data or re-onboarding people if required.

Accessing offboarded employee's records (archived data)

Offboarded employees data can be accessed

Cancelling offboarding before the leaving date

If necessary, you can cancel the offboarding before the scheduled offboarding date (e.g. if the person withdraws their resignation).

  1. Click on the three dots next to the employees name

  2. Click the Offboarding link

  3. When the information page comes up, click 'Cancel offboarding' in top right

Re-onboarding people

You can re-onboard people who have previously been offboarded (e.g. if the person returns to the company).

  1. Go to the People page and select Status 'Inactive'.

  2. Select the person's name and click on the Reinstate link

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