Who? Super Admins, HR Admins
Where? Click 'Reviews' in the side menu

Setting up review forms

You can create a customised review form or use an existing template review form.

Use a template review form

On the Reviews page, select the All Reviews tab and click 'Forms'.

  1. Template review forms are displayed on the Dacreed Forms tab. Click 'View' to preview the template.

  2. Click 'Action' (top right) to either use the template as is, or copy and edit the template before using it:

  • 'Use now' – go to step 2 of Creating a new review cycle (later in this guide).

  • 'Duplicate & edit' – go to step 2 of Create a customised review form (below).

Create a customised review form

On the Reviews page, select the All Reviews tab and click 'Forms'.

  1. Click 'Create new form'.

  2. Add a form name. (Avoid adding a date as the form may be reused.)

  3. Add an optional form description. This will be visible to Admin users when they preview the form.

  4. Add instructions for reviewees (people being reviewed). Click 'Save'.

  5. Add a question for reviewees (people being reviewed). Click 'Save'. You can continue to add questions, saving each one.

  6. Add instructions for reviewers and click 'Save'.

  7. Add a question for reviewers and click 'Save'. You can continue to add questions, saving each one.

  8. Click 'Save' (top right). This saves and exits the form.

This form is now visible on the Custom Forms tab on the Forms page.

Create a one-sided review

You can create a one-sided review that contains questions for one party only. For example, some company performance reviews don't require self-assessment from the reviewee (person being reviewed). A form like that would contain questions for the reviewer but none for the reviewee.

Follow the steps above to create a new review form. Don't add instructions or questions for one party.

Creating a new review cycle

On the Reviews page, select the All Reviews tab and click 'Create new review'.

  1. Select the review form you want to use.

  2. Select the people being reviewed: everyone or certain individuals only. To select individuals, start typing their name or email into the search box and select them from the dropdown list. Click 'Save'.

  3. Select the launch date that the review starts and people will receive the email notification.

  4. Select the end date that the review forms and review meetings must be completed by.

  5. Name the review cycle.

  6. Click 'Next' (top right).

  7. Check the launch email and click 'Confirm'.

The review cycle is now set up and is shown on the All Reviews tab. To see the review in detail, click on the review name.

Assigning reviews

People are automatically assigned their line manger as their reviewer. An Admin can replace the line manager with another reviewer if necessary (see Editing a review cycle below).

A red warning will display if people do not have a reviewer assigned. This may occur if a person doesn't have a line manger assigned to them in Dacreed.

Editing a review cycle

To edit a review cycle, on the All Reviews tab click the review name.

You can then see the review details.

  • Click 'Add reviewer' to assign a reviewer.

  • The review form progress is shown: green tick for completed forms, red cross for not completed.

  • You can click on the reviewee or the reviewer to see their forms and responses.

Click 'Action' in the top right to:

  • delete the review cycle

  • edit the review cycle settings

  • add a person to be reviewed - 'Add reviewee'

  • send an email reminder.

The settings for each person's individual review can be changed by clicking the
3 dots (...) on the right of their row:

  • delete the individual review

  • change the Reviewer

  • access the review - 'Go to review'

  • send an email reminder.

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