Who? Super Admins, HR Admins
Where? 'People' in the side menu

Everyone in your company enrolled in TeamsPlus should belong to at least one team. Teams are necessary for assigning courses. People are grouped together into teams (a.k.a training groups) and matched with relevant courses.

For further guidance on assigning courses see Assigning courses to teams.

Create a team

  1. On the platform, select 'Manage People'.

  2. Click the Teams tab.

  3. Click 'Create new group'.

  4. Add a name - e.g. Sales & Marketing. Click 'Submit'.

  5. Add people to the team by typing their name or email and selecting them from the dropdown list that appears. You can also select several staff by using the tick boxes. Click 'Save'.

Add or remove people from a team

  1. Click the Teams tab.

  2. Click 'Edit team or assign courses' on the relevant team.

  3. Click 'Add a new Member'.

  4. Add people by typing their name or email and selecting them from the dropdown list. Click 'Save'.

  5. To remove people from the team click the X beside their name.

  6. Every person should belong to at least one team in TeamsPlus. If you try to remove someone who belongs to one team only, a pop-up box asks you to move them into another team. Select another team from the dropdown list and click 'Confirm'. Members can belong to more than one Team.

Rename or delete a team

  1. Click on Teams tab.

  2. Modify a team name by clicking the pencil icon beside the team name. Rename it and click 'Submit'.

  3. To remove an entire team, click the delete icon in the top right of that team. Click 'Confirm deletion'.

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