Who? Platform users, Learners
Where? Click 'My Profile' in the side menu, select 'CPD Report' tab

The CPD Report lists details for any courses that have CPD hours allocated to them that are completed or pending.

CPD Hours can also be collected from sources external of the company and the TeamsPlus platform; for example through conferences, viewing webinars, external studies, and various certifications. Learners can request CPD hours for these activities on this page.

  1. Go to your navigation, 'My Profile' page, select the 'CPD Report' tab.

2. Click on the 'Add external CPD'.

3. Learner adds External CPD

  • select training type

  • enter a description

  • date completed

  • CPD hours

  • upload a file to support request

4. The application is recorded on the PENDING tab of the Learners CPD Report

5. A Learner can View, Edit (add document, change hours, etc), Delete an External CPD they have added anytime when their submission has a status Pending.

NOTE: A Learner cannot Edit or Delete a External CPD submission that has been approved. This record will appear in their 'Completed' tab. To Edit or Delete they must request that the Admin changes the status to Pending again.

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