Who? Super Admins, HR Admins, Content Admins
Where? Click 'Our People' in the side menu

There are a number of steps to complete when adding a new member to the TeamsPlus Platform. It is important to place new staff into an Induction Team to reduce overload of assigned courses.

  1. The first step is to issue an invitation to your staff member from the 'Our People' page; you can find out more by clicking on this link Adding people. All of the following steps can be done before the learner completes their registration.

  2. Next go to the 'Manage CPD' page via the left hand side navigation bar. Click on the 'Add learners' button in the top right corner and type in the learners name.

    Now this learner will have access to the CPD features and can view their CPD, add external CPD and accrue any CPD hours by completing courses on the system.

Induction Teams

The reason for Induction Teams is that over time a number of courses are assigned to business units/teams within the platform; this number may be daunting if a staff member is added directly into a business team and all courses are immediately allocated to them.

We suggest that the member be placed into an induction group where courses can be staggered over a period of time. Click on this link for creating and managing teams.

Once the team is created then the Administrators can assign the courses periodically as the staff are introduced to the company. Once they are up to date they should be deleted from induction and added to the next appropriate team.

Some companies use 'Catch Up' groups where a smaller number of members have to catch up on courses they have not yet completed and specific courses can be assigned to this team. Once catch up is complete they can be deleted from this group.

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