Who? TeamsPlus members and Superadmin.

Your CPD is stored in several ways on the TeamsPlus platform. Take the following steps to ensure you have the data you need if you are exiting your company.

  1. Go to your My Profile page on TeamsPlus.

2. Select Documents and view the variety of documents. Download those which which you want to save on your private drive.
Note: CPD evidence & courses may include certificates and proof uploaded to the system when external CPD has been requested in the past.

3. Select the History tab which shows all interactions with TeamsPlus. You can Export this to your drive in csv format.

4. Select the CPD tab. Click on the filter for Year which will show all CPD by title and timestamp. To print, click Ctrl and P together on this page and save the print out in pdf format to carry forward with you. Do this for each year available.

5. If your next workplace has a partnership with TeamsPlus, you will be able to upload these documents within your new TeamsPlus account (My Profile / Documents). It is not possible to back date CPD within the My Profile / CPD account as your Company start date determines upload access and 'Date completed' field.

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