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How does market movement impact my fund?
How does market movement impact my fund?
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Markets go up and down and it is possible that your Daffy fund will have less than you contributed at any given time due to market movement. Given the market shifts recently, it’s understandable that some members have a desire for less risk in their charitable giving account. If you’re concerned about market volatility impacting your fund, Daffy offers conservative portfolios made up of cash or bonds.

These portfolios ensure that every Daffy member can find a portfolio that is right for their giving plans: a cash portfolio for members who don’t want to take any market risk, and two inflation-protected bond portfolios for members worried about the current high rates of inflation.

You can change your investment portfolio at any time by going to the portfolio section of your Daffy homepage.

As a reminder, because your contribution is tax-deductible at the initial contribution, changes in your Daffy balance due to market fluctuations will not change your tax deduction. Also remember that any investment gains are tax-free, meaning a greater impact on the organizations and causes you care about most.

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