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How do I contribute stock, ETFs, or mutual funds?
How do I contribute stock, ETFs, or mutual funds?
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As a Daffy member, you can make irrevocable contributions of nearly all publicly traded stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

How It Works

  • You must initiate the securities transfer through your brokerage. Daffy is not a brokerage firm. We are a charity and cannot initiate a transfer from your brokerage.

  • To send us securities, you must complete your brokerage's required form(s) to "donate shares" or "gift shares to charity." Your brokerage's support team can point you in the right direction if you need help. See below for brokerage specific instructions.

  • The time it takes for your securities to reach Daffy depends on the processing times of the brokerage firm sending us the shares. We've seen securities arrive as fast as 1-2 business days and as long as two weeks. Your brokerage firm can give you an estimate of how long your transfer will take to reach Daffy.

  • Daffy liquidates your securities when we receive them and sends the proceeds (in US dollars) to your Daffy account as soon as it is available.

  • Every time you send us securities, make sure to create an "intent" on Daffy. Creating an intent helps prevent delays in attributing your shares to your Daffy account when they arrive.


  1. Create a securities intent on Daffy. Go to the Daffy app or website and select “Add Funds,” then “Stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds” and answer the prompts to let us know the details of your contribution.

  2. Next, complete and submit your brokerage's required forms to transfer your securities to charity (Daffy). You'll need the information listed below. If possible, please put your name in the "For Benefit Of" or "Memo" field.

You'll get an email and notification from Daffy when your securities have been received and attributed to your Daffy account.

​Brokerage Information

Here is the information you'll need to initiate the securities transfer from your brokerage or through your financial advisor.

Receiving Brokerage Firm Name: Apex Clearing

Receiving Brokerage Firm DTC Number: 0158
Receiving Account Owner Name: Daffy Charitable Fund

Receiving Account Number: 9SC05050 (Note: This account number has 3 zeros not the letter O)
Additional information (if needed):

Daffy's EIN or Tax ID: 86-3177440

Daffy's Address: 221 Main Street, #2061, Los Altos, CA 94023

Daffy's Contact Information:

If your brokerage requires any other information, email us at

Brokerage Forms

See below for brokerage-specific instructions and forms.


Don't see instructions for your brokerage? Send us their form ( so we can add them to our list.

Cost Basis

If you would like to send particular lots of a security, it is important that you enter the correct cost basis on your brokerage's form. Generally, it cannot be changed after the fact.

Please record the cost basis of an asset you are donating before transferring the asset to Daffy as most brokerages do not keep a record of the cost basis once the asset has left your account and you may need the information to fill out tax forms at the end of the year.

Daffy does not have access to cost basis information for contributions so we will not be able to provide this information at a future date.

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