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How do I cancel my recurring contribution?
How do I cancel my recurring contribution?
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To cancel your recurring contribution, tap or click the “Contributions” section under "My Fund in 2022” on the Daffy app or web version. Next, tap on “Your Recurring Contribution” and then “Cancel Recurring Contribution.” On the web version of Daffy, click the paper and pencil icon on the right of the recurring contribution to get to the cancel prompt.

To edit the amount, frequency, or funding source of your recurring contribution, you will have cancel your existing contribution (see steps above) and then create a new recurring contribution.

To create a new recurring contribution, tap or click on the “Add Funds” button on the app or web version of Daffy. Then select from the list of contribution methods and you will be prompted to select a recurring amount and frequency. Tap or click “Recurring contribution” and choose a frequency for your recurring contribution. Finally, continue the prompts to confirm the contribution amount, frequency, and funding source.

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