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What are Daffy's membership fees?
What are Daffy's membership fees?
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Unlike most donor-advised funds that have high minimum fees and hidden costs based on the amount of money in the fund, Daffy charges a simple, flat monthly fee based on the level of membership. Membership tiers are based on the features used by Daffy members.

You can read about how our pricing compares to other donor-advised funds here, and what industry experts say about Daffy here.

Membership Tiers

  • Supporter: Free. This membership tier is specifically for members with a balance of less than $100 in their fund.

  • Contributor: $3 per month for a fund with the ability to make non-cash contributions of up to $25,000.

  • Family: $5 per month for a family fund and the ability to make non-cash contributions of up to $50,000.

  • Benefactor: $20 per month for individual or family funds and the ability to contribute unlimited stock, crypto, or existing donor-advised fund (DAF) transfer.

What are considered non-cash contributions?

Contributions are the cash or other assets you send to your Daffy donor-advised fund.

Non-Cash Contributions

Cash Contributions

Contributions made by bank account, debit card, credit card, or Apple Pay.

Are there limits on contributions?

No. There are no contribution limits for Daffy accounts. You can always contribute any amount to any donor-advised fund.

How do my contributions impact my membership?

Non-cash contributions of over $25,000 will automatically upgrade your membership to the Family tier, and non-cash contributions of over $50,000 will automatically upgrade your membership to the Benefactor tier. Cash contributions do not trigger a change in membership.

What time period are non-cash contributions assessed to determine my membership?

Contributions are assessed over the lifetime of the account. Members can downgrade their accounts after 12 months if they have not made additional non-cash contributions and have an account balance under $50,000.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Changes in membership are triggered automatically by features.

  • Adding additional members to your fund will automatically upgrade the membership to the Family tier.

  • Making non-cash contributions of over $25,000 will automatically upgrade your membership to either the Family tier or the Benefactor tier, depending on total non-cash contributions to the account.

How do I pay my monthly membership fee?

Membership fees are collected every month out of the balance of your Daffy account. Membership fees are waived for accounts with a balance under $100. If you’re already a Daffy member, you can view your membership tier and billing history at any time in your Settings under Membership.

Does Daffy charge any other fees besides my monthly membership?

We charge a fee of 2.9% to cover payment processing costs on credit and debit card contributions, which we waive for the first contribution, up to $1,000. This does not apply to bank transfer contributions for which there are no fees.

Our investment portfolios have standard expense ratios that are charged by the investment products themselves. Daffy charges no asset management fees on its portfolios.

Some third parties (e.g., your brokerage firm, your crypto exchange, or your current DAF provider) may charge you fees on your contributions to Daffy. We recommend reaching out to your external provider(s) to understand their specific policies and fees.

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