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What is Daffy and how does it work for charities?
What is Daffy and how does it work for charities?
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Daffy is a donor-advised fund (DAF) and not-for-profit community focused on making giving a habit. Our members contribute to their Daffy funds (with cash, debit/credit cards, stocks/ETFs, or crypto) and can donate to more than 1.5 million charities across the US from anywhere, anytime with our mobile app or website.

Daffy donors are proactive and intentional about their giving and set a goal for how much they will donate to charity every year. Daffy helps donors automate their recurring donations with a few taps in our app, and donations are disbursed regularly on a schedule of their choosing.

Daffy currently sends donations to charities via US Mail, but we plan to add the ability to receive donations via ACH transfers in the near future. Daffy does not take donation transaction fees so 100% of all donations on Daffy go to charities.

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