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What benefits does Daffy provide to charities?
What benefits does Daffy provide to charities?
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Daffy is a modern donor-advised fund and community designed to help people be more generous, more often. Our members set annual giving goals and automate their donations through our app and website. Daffy provides several benefits to charities on our platform:

  • 100% of all donations made on Daffy go directly to charities. Daffy does not take a transaction fee. Our members pay monthly fees to Daffy to support the development and operation of our unique donor-advised fund

  • We simplify complex asset giving from your donors. Through Daffy, your charity can receive donations of stock and crypto without having to set up a brokerage account or crypto wallet to accept these funds. Charities pay zero fees for these types of donations.

  • Daffy provides automated tax receipts for donors so your organization doesn’t have to worry about sending them.

  • Unlike traditional DAF providers, we aren’t incentivized to keep contributions in our members’ accounts. Daffy requires a minimum annual donation from all our members.

Check out our blog article about nonprofits and the benefits of donor-advised funds like Daffy.

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