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How do I close my Daffy account?
How do I close my Daffy account?
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You can close your account through the Daffy app by going to Settings (the gear symbol in the top right of the screen) and then tapping “Help” and finally “Delete Account.”

If you are using the Daffy website, click on your avatar (top right) and then "Membership." Once on the membership screen, click "Cancel Membership."

We are sad to see you go. Since you’ll no longer have access to your account once you cancel, we recommend you do the following before deleting your account:

  • Donate your remaining balance to a charity of your choice. If you’d like to give to more than one charity, please submit each donation separately.

  • Download your Tax Summary report and donations receipts. You can find this summary by going to the Contributions section on the app or web.

  • If there is another member on this account, we’ll notify them, but they with also need to cancel their membership.

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