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What is Daffy for Work?
What is Daffy for Work?
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Daffy for Work leverages the success of the 401(k) to offer employers a simpler, and more powerful, way to encourage their employees to give. With Daffy for Work, every employee has access to a free, personal donor-advised fund.

Employees can choose how much to put aside for charity, receiving an immediate charitable deduction for every contribution. The money is invested in a selection of tax-free portfolios, compounding over time, and then available whenever they feel inspired to make a donation.

Employers can encourage giving by either matching contributions to employee accounts, or by making direct contributions to their employee accounts.

Unlike complicated and under-utilized charitable gift matching programs, Daffy for Work offers a simple and elegant way for companies to show their employees that they care about giving.

Learn more and get started today at or contact us at

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