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Tracking your progress
How do you measure progress?
How do you measure progress?

Are you doing well? How to tell.

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The headlines:

Firstly, we know that you’ve been getting on your weighing scale more often that you’d like to admit, that’s ok! However, when it comes to tracking progress, the weighing scale is only a part of the story.  You need to think of three things when looking at progress:

  • Percentage (%) of body weight lost;

  • Centimeters lost; and

  • How you look and feel.

The details:

  • % of body weight lost - What you want to look at or compare is "percentage of body weight lost" and not total weight lost. A big person obviously has more weight to lose than a smaller person. So how much weight you have lost relative to your starting weight is the number that matters. How do you calculate this? Divide the total weight lost by your starting weight and multiply that by 100. That is, (Weight now - starting weight) / Starting weight and then multiply by 100. Example: Mrs You started at 61kgs and after 4 weeks is at 59kg, her % BW lost is (61-59)/61 * 100 = 3.3%. She has lost 3.3% of her bodyweight which is a great result in such a short period of time!  This will be a fair comparison for people in different body weight ranges.  So when comparing progress with your friends, this is the number to discuss 🙂!

  • Centimeters lost - You will see that your measurements change over the course of the programme and it is not always clear why. That is ok and it is likely there will be some errors as you may not measure at the same spot every time (or tug at the tape!). Keep an eye on your measurements though as they are a good indicator that you are making progress and won’t always correlate with the weighing scale.  Look at the total change in cms (waist + chest + thigh).

  • How you look and feel: Keep an eye out for little changes and observations from those around you.  You may not see changes that others can readily see in you! Other things to consider are how clothes fit, needing to use the next notch on the belt, trousers feeling looser? All these are subtle but important indicators of progress. One way to track this is by taking photos at regular intervals - we would suggest both a front-facing and a side-facing photo and would suggest you wear the same clothes each time.  Do this each week, review them after a few weeks and spot the differences 😊.

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