Salt (sodium) is an essential mineral; its consumption is critical to your health. The problem is when you consume too much of it.

The key point is the source of the salt. Many people eat an incredible amount of salty processed foods — basically all processed foods that are not sweet!  This means that people who consume a lot of salt tend to consume a lot of foods that are generally unhealthy.  This might explain the links between excessive salt and health problems!

What is therefore required is to have a diet of mostly unprocessed foods and not worry about micromanaging your salt intake.  That is exactly what the D9 has done by focusing on high quality foods like vegetables and protein while limiting poor quality oily food and useless calories.  This means you will already be protecting yourself from the excessive salt content in poor quality foods.  So if you're following the D9 plan, you don't need to worry about limiting your salt intake too much and can add salt to your meals based on your taste 😊.

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