We could write a book on this topic ☺

But here are the headlines:

  1. The D9 fills nutrient gaps - modern diets mean that most of us are deficient in many nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein etc). The D9 fills these gaps by ensuring you eat the foods that give your body these nutrients.

  2. More resilient body.  Once you start filling these nutrient gaps, the body starts to operate much better, from a better immune system to retaining more muscle.  End result? Good things - you don't fall sick as often, better energy levels etc.

  3. Defend against lifestyle diseases - A more resilient body also means you are able to better defend against lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc.

  4. Better dental health  - yes you read that right! Your teeth will thank you for avoiding processed and junk foods, damaging sugars etc. The D9 saves you trips to the dentist 😃

  5. Fat loss - Enough said? Excess weight is a problem and the longer it stays on your body, the more problems it will cause. In some cases, serious ones. So let's get rid of it!

  6. Joint health - Losing fat (and weight) means that there is lesser pressure on your joints, mainly your knees and ankle.

  7. End nutrition confusion. We know that nutrition can be one of the most confusing things to read about. So we separate fact from fiction in the D9 so that you finally know what works.

  8. Better performance - If you are into any activity or sport, be it running, cycling, zumba etc you will find that you have better energy levels, and the fat loss means better performance in that sport or activity.

  9. Look better - Did we mention better fitting clothes?! You will find over a few weeks that clothes start fitting differently as you shed excess fat across your waist, chest, thigh etc.  We all want to look the best we can be, and the D9 gives you the perfect platform to shine. So go on and be the best you that you can be 😇.

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