We know that our users have busy lives. So we are careful not to overload you with information. You'll hear from us at specific times and it'll always be with relevant and useful information that you can use at that time.

A typical day for a D9'er looks a lot like this 👇🏼 and can take 5min to 15mins a day depending on how much time you'd like to put in (more is always ok!):

  • Go through daily message from coach.
  • Browse meal ideas on the app.
  • Check the day's performance against goals.
  • Ask and get answer to a question from the coaches.
  • Browse D9 Help Center.

In addition, a D9'er will submit measurements once a week and track kgs and cms lost.

And don't forget, you can always access the D9 Help Center 24/7 or interact with your D9 coaches to get answers to your questions😊.

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