We don’t do the typical meal plans that tell you what specific foods you must eat at each meal and at specific times. We find that they are not scientific, impractical and do not work long term.

You have developed your personal tastes and preferences over a lifetime and they are based on your likes, dislikes, culture etc.  We do not want you to stop being you! Our customized plans work with (not against) your personal preferences and lifestyle.

We will tell you exactly what you need to do, you get to choose how to do it :)

This means:

  • you will know what foods you can eat and in what quantities. We will not ask you to start shopping for new foods that you are not used to eating.
  • we will specify how much activity you should target and also provide detailed guidance and choices you can pick from.
  • we will specify targets for sleep and provide guidance to help you get there.

We want you to find a sustainable solution, not just a short-term fix.  So we help you find that 'new normal' that you can carry on doing well after the programme is over.  We are really glad that D9'ers consistently provide us feedback that they've found their new normal 😃

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