Exercise and activity are an important part of the D9 programme.  A key goal of the D9 programme is to make your lifestyle healthier in a simple and effective way - without turning your life upside down. 

We will guide you on the recommended level and options for exercise and provide you with a comprehensive activity guide with a variety of options, including detailed metabolic workout programs.

We do not prescribe specific workouts that you must do. Why?

Exercise that is prescribed starts feeling like a punishment after a while. Also, any specific recommendations should be based on a thorough physical assessment of your current physical condition, any existing issues etc.

Instead, we help you focus on what's important - getting quality movement while doing something you enjoy.

You do not need to go to a gym or stick to specific workouts.  We will provide you with a lot of guidance and many choices that you can pick from.  Most importantly, we aim to ensure that you are able to include activity as a fun part of your daily life, and not view it as a punishment!

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