The primary goal of the D9 programme is learning to live healthier and achieving a healthy weight.

So what can you expect in terms of fat loss and weight control?*  

  • Top performers witnessed an 8-10% reduction in body weight. This means an 85kg person saw 8 kgs weight loss.

  • Top performers also saw a reduction across chest, waist and thigh measurements of 20+cms.

But remember, doing this right is important! And when done right, fat loss = better health. So what are the other benefits that D9'ers see?

Potential additional benefits in the words of other D9'ers themselves:

  • Reduction in acid reflux issues

  • Reduction in migraines

  • Better sleep

  • Sustained energy levels through the day

  • Reduced blood sugar levels

Hear it from D9'ers themselves 👇🏼

You can also read what other D9'ers have said in their own words on our Facebook page.

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*The above are indicative only and not guaranteed.  

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