What's in the D9 app? A lot!

It will have:

  • Your customized nutrition plan covering food, exercise and sleep.
  • Tutorials to guide you on how to follow the D9.
  • Food ideas: Library of food ideas for simple yet nutritious & tasty meals, which you can adapt for your favorite dishes.
  • Daily articles, tips and tricks to guide and encourage you. (Read: Sample articles)
  • Quizzes and challenges to push you.
  • Analytics: ¬†Easy-to-understand charts and graphs to help you track your performance and progress.
  • In-built D9 Help Center: ¬†Extensive knowledge-base to answer all your questions and you can search it through a simple google-like search bar. (Read: Sneak peak of the D9 Help Center)
  • Coach support: Get your questions answered by our team of nutrition coaches. (Read: Interacting with your D9 coaches).

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