A few basics about the FLC:

  • It's a 10-week program with a defined start and end date.
  • Once you sign-up on our website, we'll help you get ready through email.
  • While you get ready, the D9 team is at work preparing a customized plan for you that includes food, activity and sleep.
  • A few days before the FLC start date, you get your personal link to download the app. This is specific to you and includes your customized plan.
  • Week 1 of the FLC is orientation. We help you fully understand what you need to how and how that will work for you in your life.
  • Week 2-9: This is the fun part. You'll follow the FLC plan, interact with your coaches, get messages and nudges daily from your coaches and see results.
  • Week 10: We help you take stock and prepare for life after FLC.  The FLC is not a short-term fix, it's a long term solution and we help you ease into it over this week.
  • You can do the FLC again at a later date.

This is what all of that looks like 👇

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