What if you had a google......for health. Where every search returned results you can trust. Written by experts, in plain English, with you in mind. And not theory or concepts, but practical information that you can put to use in your life.

This is one of the things we set out to do at Daily9 and has now become a pillar of our programme. We call it the Daily9 Help Centre.

It lives inside the D9 app that all D9 users install on their phones at the start of the 10-week program. What does it do? Exactly what we wished for, it's the mini-google...for health :)

How does the D9 Help Centre work?

We can't call it a mini-google and not have a search bar, right? So, it all starts with a search bar.  Type anything you want to learn more about or have a question on. With one click you get a list of articles related to that topic or question. All articles are written by qualified and experienced D9 coaches. And it's accessible 24/7 through the app.  

It's constantly updated with more useful articles and answers to relevant questions. You can trust that you will get what you need for your fat-loss goals. Nothing more, nothing less.

Enough talk, time to show and tell! So here's a sneak peek at the D9 Help Centre 👇🏼.

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