The big question is - what exactly are you losing?

When you lose weight quickly, you lose:

  • fat;
  • muscle; and
  • water.

Muscle is stored in the body along with water, a lot of it. So when you lose weight quickly what you’re really losing is:

  • a little fat;
  • a little muscle; and
  • a lot of water.

You don’t want to lose muscle or water, what you really want to lose is only the fat. So what you want is fat loss, not just weight loss.

Your body only burns fat at a certain rate and you can’t speed it up beyond a point. That rate varies depending on various factors, but on average anything more than 500-750gms of weight loss a week usually means you’re losing more than just fat. 

That is not a good thing.

That’s why rapid weight loss from things like detox diets or starvation diets never last, because what you lose is mostly water and that comes right back once you finish the extreme diet and start eating normally.

If you want fat loss, slow and steady is the best way to do it. It’s not the quick fix you want, but this way it will last and you will not lose precious muscle, which is very hard to maintain as you age.

I speak from experience.

We’ve see thousands of people try all sorts of extreme rapid weight loss diets, only to put it all back. Sadly, in the process they run into many problems as these extreme diets come at a cost - like nutrient deficiencies. You really don’t need to do anything extreme or starve yourself. A sensible diet is all you need. The most important thing is to follow it consistently.

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