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Stress eating? Simple hacks to deal with it
Stress eating? Simple hacks to deal with it

Ways to keep you on track

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Sometimes the strongest food cravings hit when you're at your weakest point emotionally.  You may turn to food for comfort — consciously or unconsciously — when facing a difficult problem, feeling stressed or even when you're feeling bored. This is stress-eating or emotional eating. It is a real thing.

Those midnight snack cravings?  A lack of sleep can cause stress to your body and your mind, and this may end up in you bingeing on that tub of ice cream that you've been resisting so far. 

How do you handle this?   The key is to find ways to relieve stress without overeating.

First of all, make sure you hit your Protein and Veg targets - this will fill you up well. After this, different strategies help different persons:

  • Have you cleared out all the treat foods/sweets at home? You can't have any if there aren't any around! If you need to keep some for others in the house, store it away separately and don't touch it. Even better, get your family to eat healthier with you.

  • Exercise can help.  The endorphins released during exercise can help relieve stress.

  • Try sipping hot water or a herbal tea slowly. It can help with digestion and help you relax, and for many, get the mind off snacking.

  • Brush your teeth! Surprisingly, this does actually help and the craving reduces 😁.

  • Try a sugar free chewing gum or some saunf. This can help reduce sugar cravings too.

  • Can you calm yourself? Try meditation, doing some stretches or light yoga poses, or read a book, or even go for a short walk after dinner. It can clear your head and relax you.

  • Have a small portion of fruit instead - even if it exceeds your limit of 2 fruits a day. Alternatively, have a small piece of dark chocolate - 70% cocoa solids or above at the minimum. You will lose the Sugar point with this option but if it helps cut worse cravings, then it's a win!

  • Go to bed early! Sleep more whenever you can.

Try these out and let us know which one works best!

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