We get a lot of questions about the D9 programme. It is the first-of-its-kind program and that also means that it can be hard to get an idea of exactly what you'll get, see and experience.

So we've answered the top 10 questions we get about the D9 programme below.

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1. What is the D9 programme?

It is a 10-week coaching program where you get:

  • A coach;

  • Personalized goals that will tell you what to eat and also cover exercise and sleep; and

  • 24/7 support from your coach to give you all the support and guidance you need.

2. What's the benefit for me?

We've developed the Daily9 programme over 5+ years to carefully consider the best science on food, sleep and exercise. When you do the right things in these areas, you'll find that good things happen. You'll improve your health, get to a healthier BMI, improve your energy levels, have better immunity and be more resilient to stress. Weight loss is a common (and welcome) side effect of doing the right things. The 10-weeks of the Daily9 programme are meant to give you the skills for long-term health.

3. Will I see results? Why should I believe you?

This is a good question to ask in today's world where the focus is on going 'viral' or on being the thing that is 'trending' and everyone is looking to make a quick buck. The best way to see for yourself is to read stories posted by our users on our Facebook page and read the many user stories (men, women, couples). See how they write about their experience, the results they saw and how the coaches helped. We're also proud to say that many doctors use our program for themselves and recommend it to their clients. Take a look. After that, it's really up to you. We are here to help.

4. As far as diet is concerned, will I know exactly what to eat?

Yes. Your D9 plan will tell you your food portions. This means:

  • You will know exactly how much carbs you can eat in a day, your target for protein etc.

  • We cover everything you need to know like vegetables and fruit intake, dairy, fats, water.

  • We will help you understand what foods count as carbs, what counts as protein etc so that you make the right choices. This is where most people go wrong.  They think they're eating a high-protein diet but the foods they're eating are actually high-carb (and therefore they see no results). We clarify all of this and help you see the foods for what they really are.

  • We will also help you set and achieve exercise and sleep goals. 

We need to address food + exercise + sleep for good physical and mental health, so we cover all of these in the D9 programme.

5. Can I do the D9 programme with a traditional Indian diet?

Yes. All of our clients are of Indian origin and we make the most of the great variety in Indian cuisine. Traditional Indian foods can be very nutritious and we show you how to use them as part of a healthy lifestyle. So you can follow the D9 programme with a 100% Indian diet. Of course, you can definitely include Western and other cuisines too but this is not mandatory.

6. How will I chat with my coach?

On signing up, you will get a link to download your personal version of the D9 app. The app has an in-built chat feature just like WhatsApp. This is where you can ask your coach anything you want and they will answer. Usually, you will have an answer within a few hours.  And just like WhatsApp, you can use all the emojis you like 😊.

7. Who are the coaches?

All the coaches are highly qualified, experienced in fitness and nutrition and have a proven track record. Most importantly, all of the coaches care deeply about helping you improve your health. We do not believe in acting like gurus. We know that real life is messy and living healthy is hard. We are here to support you make the changes that matter.

8. Can women work with female coaches?

Yes. As a rule, female clients work with female coaches. This is important because women face very different issues compared to men like PMS, PCOS etc and they need a different approach.

In case you're wondering, men work with male coaches.

9. Will I be given a fixed eating schedule/meal plan or can it be flexible?

We do not believe in giving a fixed eating schedule. You already have an eating schedule that works for you based on your busy lifestyle. We tell you what you should eat at those times.  So it is very flexible and works with your schedule. With the D9 programme, if your schedule is eating 3 or 4 or 5 times a day - you can continue doing that while using the D9 foods.

It can help to have a meal plan sometimes so that you have an idea of where to start and you can change that as you go along. To help you with that, we do provide a 2-week meal plan which will be based on your specific goals and your eating preference (veg, non-veg etc). These will be based on simple Indian foods that you can make at home, so it will be easy for you to get started by just following that to start with. You can either stick with it or change it as you progress in the programme.

10. Will I have to go shop for new foods? Or join a gym?

No. We will not ask you to start buying strange new foods that you are not used to eating. For example, you won't need to start eating quinoa or stuff like that (you can, but it's not a must). We focus on foods that you are already used to eating. But, we will re-balance your plate so that it is (a) more nutritious (b) keeps you fuller for longer and (c) gives your body what it needs. This usually means some more vegetables and fruit, some reduction in carbs and a little more protein. 

You will not need to join a gym. You can if you want, but this is not a requirement. We will give you plenty of exercise options you can do at home and without joining a gym.

Do you have a question? Email it to hello@thedaily9.in and we'll be happy to answer it.

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