Parthasarathy was encouraged to join the D9's programme ('Fat Loss Challenge' or 'FLC' as it was then called) by his friends at the fitness training facility that he had joined.

He was tentative about following the programme initially but as he got into the groove and started seeing results, he started enjoying it. Fitness with friends is always fun - the challenge made it all the more interesting!

Parthasarathy started the programme with a view to lose excess weight, but he was surprised to see some added benefits....better nutrition helped him in other ways too! Hear about it below in his own words:

"I was one of the last to enroll for FLC as I was apprehensive about following through. But the app based support system was fantastic. With simple 9 questions to answer every day it was easy to stay the course. To my surprise - following the [...] portions of protein and veggies with [...] portions of startch was change in food habits that lead to a positive impact on my health and fitness. Fat loss was a by product to this.

I used to get headache often which lead to sleep issues. All that got fixed with proper nutrition.

Big thanks to d9 and the team behind in helping me gaining / improving my health and fitness.

Weight before : 84

Weight after : 76

Waist to height ratio : 0.56 to 0.48 in 8 weeks."

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