Chitra had been trying to lose excess weight for a while and had tried out different diets. With limited success from those diets, she was looking for something that she could sustain over the long-term. Having PCOS and thyroid issues meant that keeping the weight off was already hard.

She decided to give the D9 a go and found that the simple and practical steps to developing better habits worked well for her. She ended up losing almost 8% of her starting weight over the 10 week period in total.

Want to hear what Chitra said about her D9 experience? Read on:

"I have followed a lot of diets like Paleo and Keto. I always gained back all the weight lost and I had a lot of difficulty in following them during travel and visits to parents and relatives. With D9, the changes to my lifestyle are simple and effective. I can follow it anywhere.

With my health issues like PCOS and thyroid, losing 25 CMs is nothing but a miracle. Thank you D9!!

The D9 coaches are supportive and helpful. My special thanks to Shivani who has been a great helping hand throughout my journey."

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