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All 9 (Weight loss)/ D3 (habit formation): What does a D9 year look like?
All 9 (Weight loss)/ D3 (habit formation): What does a D9 year look like?
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We kept hearing consistent feedback from our users (you) about how the Daily9 helps break weight plateaus and instil good eating habits. But what also invariably follows is a bit of taking one's eye off the ball. You think you are still eating about the same or doing 80% of the right things, but slowly the weight and waist increase. Life gets more hectic and you make rushed decisions. Before you know it, you are back in a few months.

With that in mind, we came up with the habit formation plans. Along with the weight loss phase, our goal is to help you maintain your gains smartly. And then use the weight loss phase (All 9) when you need to make some forward progress.

Here's how a year might look.

  • January and February: All 9 (Weight loss)

  • March: Portion Control

  • April: Self-care

  • May: Holiday

  • June and July: All 9 (Weight loss)

  • August: Portion Control

  • September: Clean Eating

  • October and November: All 9 (Weight loss)

  • December: Clean Eating

If you want to focus more on weight loss, you can even kick into a higher gear by pursuing the All 9 plan more often. Click here for an idea of how your year might look like in such a case.

You can find out more about the various plans we've designed over here. And you can read more about the philosophy of the D3 plans or the habit formation plans over here.

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