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Is there an ideal time that I should stick to the All 9 plan?
Is there an ideal time that I should stick to the All 9 plan?

Is there a minimum or maximum time recommended for the weight loss phase?

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The minimum time we recommend to pursue the All 9 plan is four weeks. Under that, you are not going to allow the body to create any real change. Habits take a bit of time to form as well, and so the 4-week mark is a good one to aim for.

The maximum time we recommend is eight weeks. Beyond that, it can get a bit overwhelming. What we are going for is long-term sustainability, not just short-term results.

We recommend taking a short break after a stint on the weight loss phase before going for another. You can see what a sample year looks like, between the All 9 (weight loss) and D3 (habit formation) plans.

You can choose to do the weight loss phase a lot more as well. Here's an example for those of you who want to get your health back on track by working on a higher gear.

  • Jan and Feb: All 9

  • March: D3: Portion Control

  • April: All 9

  • May: D3: Holiday

  • June & July: All 9

  • Aug: D3: Self-care

  • Sep&Oct: All 9

  • Nov: D3: Clean Eating

  • Dec: D3: Holiday

So think about it and reach out to your Coach if you have any questions!

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