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Can I stick to the All 9 or the weight loss plan only?
Can I stick to the All 9 or the weight loss plan only?

Why you should switch to habit formation plans periodically

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The short answer

Yes, you can stick to the All 9 plan all year round, but we do not recommend it.

We do suggest that you plan your year so that you do at least a couple of rounds of a habit formation plan in between the weight loss phases (see our article on Weight loss/ habit formation: What does a D9 year look like).

Why not pursue the All 9 plan all year round?

We know from experience that following a set of rules over a long period can get overwhelming. This is one of the main reasons that strict 'diets' often fail. Fatigue causes us to revert back to our old habits and end up reversing any progress we may have made.

The D9 does not prescribe a rigid diet. You do have a fair amount of flexibility in the following ways:

  • You can stick to your usual cuisine.

  • You can select between a range of options within each category. For example, picking your preferred carbohydrate, vegetable or protein choices within the defined foods.

  • The D9 scoring system means that you can set a goal that is reasonable for you. For example, you do not have to score 100% all year round. You can choose to set a goal of 80-100% on a consistent basis and perhaps have a few 'off-days' when you may only score say, 50%. You can also adapt your target scores depending on any change in your goals (say, weight loss vs weight maintenance etc).

So what is the concern in following the All 9 through the year?

  • You may set a very hard target for yourself and feel dispirited if you find it difficult to achieve it.

  • It takes time for our bodies to 'reset'. Once you have seen results in the weight loss phase, it is good to give ourselves a break to allow the body, our hormones and metabolism to adjust to the 'new you'. This break can be in the form of one of the D3 habit formation plans so that you continue to build on what you have started.

  • Scoring in all areas every day can itself result in fatigue. Giving it a break by following a habit focussed plan, even a short one, can fill us with a sense of renewed energy and focus.

To understand how you might want to plan your year, read the article below:

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