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Can I stick to doing only D3 or habit formation plans?
Can I stick to doing only D3 or habit formation plans?

Can I skip the weight loss option completely?

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In theory, yes.

However, the different components of the D9 covering nutrition (including hydration), exercise and sleep go hand in hand. They are all not only individually important but work synergistically to help you to truly create change and see real, long-term improvements in your health markers. This is true whether or not you are looking for weight loss.

So we would recommend that you switch to the weight loss plan (All 9) periodically, even if your goal is not weight loss.

Switching to the D3 habit formation plans in between rounds of the weight loss plan (All 9) will also help you consolidate any gains while also giving you a chance to focus on specific habits without overwhelming you.

If you have any concerns or specific difficulties about following any or all aspects of the D9, feel free to reach out to your Coach to discuss any potential modifications.

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