Self-care: Why and how?

A quick introduction to the self-care module of the D9

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By taking the decision to focus on your health and your habits, you’ve taken a great step in prioritising yourself. In this day and age, especially with the disruption caused by the pandemic, a lot of us have unselfishly forgotten to take care of ourselves.

  • work-life has been thrown off balance.

  • stress and anxiety are at an all-time high.

With all this in mind, we wanted to give you the option of doing more to take care of yourself - by choosing to follow a self-care plan, made up of small habits that you can try.

While the Daily9 is the major step in self-care, there are other small habits that we’ve seen that can do wonders. There are no D9 points for this and this is not part of the gamified D9 system. The aim of self-care is to not worry about points :)

The self-care ideas includes simple but powerful techniques like breathing for 5 minutes a day to start off with, and learning to transition between our work-mode and family-mode.

Each week, pick one suggestion/task per week, which you can try to do. All ideas are in the Stress/ Stress Management section of Coach (Article by Topic).

You can click here to jump to Self-care action #1. For a quick look at all the self-care ideas you can try, click here.

We’ve seen this add tremendously to the mental well-being of people we work with.

That said, this is completely optional. If you do not want one more thing to worry about, don’t worry about it.

Be sure to update us and your fellow D9ers on how it's going in the Daily9 Whatsapp group!

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