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Self-care #4: Get rid of one thing a day
Self-care #4: Get rid of one thing a day
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Yes, pick just one thing that you don’t use any more, but have not had the time to think about getting rid of.

This is NOT a spring-cleaning project.

The best place to start could be your wardrobe. You probably have shirts, t-shirts or dresses that you haven’t used in years but are just lying there. Again, the key is to pick just one item. Don’t turn it into a ‘clean your wardrobe’ project. Pick that one item and give it to someone. Perhaps be a friend who would look good in it. Or a helper who might appreciate it.

Another example - pick a book that’s been lying in your bookshelf untouched. Give it to someone who might enjoy it.

Remember - just one item a day. That’s it.

Don’t keep these aside to give at the end of the week. That will just be a new pile, a new clutter, a new headache that needs cleaning.

You can do this one action alone or add this action in addition to other self-care actions that you have tried and that you found working for you.

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