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Self-care action #8: Write down a paragraph of thanks
Self-care action #8: Write down a paragraph of thanks
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Think of someone who’s done you a good turn. Or someone you’ve taken for granted and not thanked enough. Or someone you’ve thanked, but you could always thank again.

It need not be anything dramatic or life-changing. but it mattered to you. What was that good turn? What was that specific incident? How did it help or affect you?

You may choose to send your note to that person, or you may not. Often, people closest to us do not understand the impact that they can make. So you may brighten someone’s day if you do choose to send it. But it’s also ok if you don’t. Regardless, spend those few minutes acknowledging that someone for what they did.

So this is your task: write a note, say thanks and think about sending it because that would be really awesome for you and for the other person.

From all the self-care actions, pick at least one (or two) practices from all the actions that made a huge difference to you. If you think about it, it will probably just pop into your head. See if you can keep doing that.

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